Yana Mosokina

Yana Mosokina is a Twerk tutor at The Dome Studio with over 5 years of experience teaching.
She has frequently performed at the stages of following clubs:
Club Rai, Soho rooms, Chateau de Fantomas, Stadium Ruma, Arena Moscow, Garage, Dandy cafe, LookinRooms, Zhara, Barbados and etc.
Her diverse experience also includes a work on numerous pop videos for a variety of artists: Elvis ( France), Timati, ST, Nanik, Ilya Kireev, Alexandr Revva, Jimmy G, Chayan Family, Canicool, Misha Krupin, Kravtz, Dima Bilan, Big Russian Boss, Wacka Flocka Flame, Jillionaire, Tyga.

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