B.D.F Anna Gavrilyuk (Anni) - Anna Gavrilyuk is a Booty Dance tutor at The Dome studio. With over 8 years of experience teaching, 3 years of ballet and over 5 years at the stage of famous Soho Rooms club. ‘Dancing is a step forward for me! No dancing means no progress!’ Call us +7 (495) 233-75-66
yana_main Yana Mosokina - Yana Mosokina is a Twerk tutor at The Dome Studio with over 5 years of experience teaching. She has frequently performed at the stages of following clubs: Club Rai, Soho rooms, Chateau de Fantomas, Stadium Ruma, Arena Moscow, Garage, Dandy cafe, LookinRooms, Zhara, Barbados and etc. Her diverse experience also includes a work on numerous […]
fontan_main Natasha Fontan - Natasha Fontan is a Kinky dance tutor at The Dome studio with over 6 years of experience teaching. Kinky combines several styles such as Hip Hop, Dancehall and Jazz funk. She is a founder of KINKYPIPL and LAY BACK dance communities. Natasha choreographed annual musical festivals Europe Plus Live, was a participant of the first […]
_MG_1592web11 Lena Idigesheva ( Lena TT) - Lena Idigesheva ( Lena TT) is a Vogue tutor at The Dome studio with over 12 years of experience dancing. She has worked with celebrities including Vera Brezhneva, Kristina Si, Shahzola, Alina Arts, Odin -v- odin show. She has been a member of Vera Brezhnev’s dance team since 2012. Her diverse experience also includes a […]
_MG_0821 Julia Kisileva - Julia Kisileva is a Dancehall tutor at The Dome Studio with 7 years tutoring experience. Julia is a dancer and choreographer of Unnamed Dancers team. She is a participant of dance shows and Reggae and Dancehall video clips. She worked with performers from Russia, France and Jamaica. Has an experience in «COUPE DECALE», «NDOMBOLO», «AZONTO» […]
_MG_1607-Edit Sergey Provorotov - Sergey Provorotov is a Contemporary style tutor at the Dome Studio with 8 years experience of tutoring. Took jazz-modern courses in France, Nice. He took part in jazz, modern , afro-jazz and contemporary workshops and seminars on a regular basis. Sergey is a participant of Denis Boroditsky and Alexey Rybnikov’s team. He worked in Zhanna […]
новичкова11 Natalya Novichkova - Natalya Novichkova is a JazzModern tutor at The Dome studio. Natalya is a professional ballet dancer, choreographer, senior teacher of Modern Choreography and Dance of nations professorial chair at Moscow State Culture University. She graduated from Moscow University of Culture and Arts. Got an advanced training by the leading teacher at The Royal Conservatory, The […]
IMG_867-1 Anastasia Makarova - Anastasia Makarova is a  Contemporary dance tutor at The Dome studio. She began dancing at the age of 19 . She is a professional in such styles as jazz modern and contemporary dance. She practices yoga on a regular basis as well. In 2011 she took part as a performer in Garage Exhibition Hall retrospective […]
shitkov-main Stas Shitikov - Stas Shitikov is a Hip-Hop tutor at The Dome studio with over 8 years of experience dancing. He is a three -time winner on Hip Hop contests held in Moscow; Eastern Europe Hip Hop champion in duet; Entered the Top four dancers at the European Championships; Took the 7th place in the Hip Hop World […]
Кристи1 Christina Kasyanenko - Kristina Kasyanenko is a HipHop tutor at The Dome studio with over 10 years of experience teaching. Kristina is a choreographer, one of the leading dancer in CIS in Hip Hop style and experimental Hip Hop, a permanent member on workshops and an experienced judge with lots of wins and awards in Russia and abroad. […]
main-jinsu-new-1 Jin Su - is a LA Style tutor at The Dome Studio, working with Hip Hop with a long experience in teaching. Jin Su began dancing at the age of 9 and started his career as a professional dancer in the South Korea. Call us +7 (495) 233-75-66
milovanova_main Ekaterina Milovanova - Ekaterina Milovanova is a Contemporary fusion tutor at The Dome dance studio. Ekaterina has danced with many celebrities, taken part in international performances, was among members of the show ‘Dance’ on the 1st Channel. She has been dancing since she was 17 years old. Ekaterina now is an experienced tutor. She graduated form Moscow State […]
oP_JNpCUt6o Daniil Pozdeev - Daniil Pozdeev is a Hip Hop Choreo dance tutor with 10 years of experience at The Dome Studio. Daniil is a dancer, choreographer currently is in top dance tutors in Russia worked in Model-357, New York Dance Studio and Upgrade Dance Community in Moscow. He had been a participant of Stree Jazz show for 3.5 […]
Krapiva Sergey Krapiva - Sergey Krapiva is a New Style tutor at The Dome dance studio. A professional sportsmen, artist and choreographer. Directed and choreographed dancing performances for celebrities and fashion shows. Worked with Sophia Rotaru, A-studio, Chai Vdvoem pop group, Zhasmin, Igor Krutoy, Alena Sviridova, Slava. Cooperated with following magazines: Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, OM, GQ, Playboy, Vogue, […]
lebedev-main Andrey Lebedev - Andrey Lebedev is a tutor of his personal style «LebedevFUNK» at The Dome dance studio. Andrey is one of the most popular choreographer and producer in Russia. He has a truly meteorical career as a dancer since 1987 and as a choreographer since 1991. It was his initiative to create worldwide known brandLebedevFUNK. It is […]
mishel-main Miсhelle - Miсhelle is a DanceHall teacher at The Dome Studio. Choreographer, dance teacher, model and actor. The main specialization is street dance. Trained at ULBRA. Extra courses of choreography ( Usher, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears) 2008 he was on tour around Brazil with High School musical, he was a teacher of TAAD in Buenos Aires. […]
shera-1 Irina Shershneva - Irina Shershneva is a teacher of her own Sherastyle at the Dome Studio. At her lessons you will learn how to move free, feel the rhythm and style, develop your own charm and awaken an internal individuality that everybody has. Shera makes a stress on a right presence of yourself everywhere and every minute. Mostly […]
ilya_main Ilya Samurai - Ilya Samurai is a Hip Hop tutor at The Dome Studio with over 10 years of teaching. Ilya is the proud owner of Best Russian Dancer Award 2005 according to MTV, the winner of Star Dancefloor 2 competition. Ilya was continually filmed in commercials and videos of popular Russian singers such as Timati, Slivki&D.Joker, Knara, […]
eMZ7OL0Lfps Sveta Pasishnichenko - Sveta Pasishnichenko is a LA Style tutor at The Dome Studio with 9 years of tutoring. Started dancing when she was 7 years old. Multiple participant and winner of international competitions in Russia and Europe. A winner of Funbox battle and HSA Dance Battle. Call us +7 (495) 233-75-66

Art Kids

drony_main Anisimov Andrey - Anisimov Andrey is a Breakdance tutor and children’s choreographer at The Dome studio with over 10 years of experience teaching. Used to dance and train with leading Moscow breakdance teams such as All the most , Mafia 13 Three years in a row took part in Fight for Respect project on MTV. 2010 got the […]
027 Mikhail Nikiforov - Mikhail Nikiforov is a children’s choreographer, specializing on Hip Hop for children at The Dome dance studio with over 5 years experience teaching. Worked with such celebrities as Dj Piligrim, DJ Smash, Akcent, Dan Balan, Kasta, Sergei Zverev, Sergey Lazarev, Valerya, Nusha, Vera Brezhneva and Filipp Kirkorov The founder of FREEDOM MIND team. Mikhail is […]
gala Gala Dobrodeeva - Gala Dobrodeeva is a children vocal teacher at The Dome Studio with more than 8 years of experience. She finished School of Art named after Franz Schubert, Gala graduated from LCC international University, Lithuania as well. Today Gala is a lead singer of Aanbreken and Natural Sequence. Often takes part in music festivals and events. […]


_MG_1012-Edit - копия Ekaterina Leskova - Ekaterina Leskova Kundalini Yoga teacher at The Dome Studio. «I consider kundalini yoga to be an inexhaustible source of experiencing yourself and reality, as well as daily practice of awareness. This yoga is one of the shortest ways to transform and change your mind and body, moreover kundalini renews all systems of physical body providing […]
350X450 Maria Neganova - Maria Neganova is a Yoga teacher at The Dome dance studio. vegetarian Inspired by Indian culture, vocals lessons, dancing and mekhendi. In her free time she reads book about philosophy of Indian culture and yoga. Call us +7 (495) 233-75-66
tarabukina Victoria Tarabukina - Victoria Tarabukina is a Yoga teacher at the Dome dance studio. She professionally combines different styles of yoga, paying great attention to intensive warming up, stamina and flexibility in the classes. She also practices breathing exercises. The classes consists of dynamic asanas, balancing on hands and stretching. Yoga is most of all a conscious work […]

The Dome Model School

masha_main-1 Masha Minogarova - Masha Minogarova. A model. She is a lady finalist of the first season «Top Model po-russki». Took part in Fashion Week shows in Milan, two seasons in a row Masha presented Louis Vuitton collections in Rome. Took part in Russian fashion shows of such designers as Alena Akhmadulina, Igor Gulyaev, Alexandra Arutyunova and many others. […]