Natasha Fontan

Natasha Fontan is a Kinky dance tutor at The Dome studio with over 6 years of experience teaching.
Kinky combines several styles such as Hip Hop, Dancehall and Jazz funk. She is a founder of KINKYPIPL and LAY BACK dance communities.
Natasha choreographed annual musical festivals Europe Plus Live, was a participant of the first Russian dancehall team El Loco.
She is an owner of DancehallQuennRussia Award 2009.
She actively takes part in Hip Hop battles, dancehall, jazzfunk , go-go, booty, lady’s style competition as a judge.
Natasha is a participant of STREET DANCE KEMP, Star on the dance floor, Sensation White Party, RMA.
Has an experience in working with following Russian and foreign artists as a dancer and choreographer: Kristina Si, Chaya Famali, Bianka, Quest Pistols, Alexandr Revva, Dino mv, Ilya Kireev, Chleb, KID INK, Tekila, Dan Balan, Batishta, Nasty Lyubimova, Dime Bilan, Elvira T, Karya Bazhenova, Nikita Malinin, Irakly, Gums, DJ Chris Parker, DJ Busshanter, Playmen and etc.

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