Natalya Novichkova

Natalya Novichkova is a JazzModern tutor at The Dome studio.
Natalya is a professional ballet dancer, choreographer, senior teacher of Modern Choreography and Dance of nations professorial chair at Moscow State Culture University. She graduated from Moscow University of Culture and Arts.
Got an advanced training by the leading teacher at The Royal Conservatory, The Hague, that is a basic course «Netherands Dans Theatre ( NDT) Johan Van Der Mast», «Modern Dance technique. Personal style». She also took courses by famous Russian , French, Holland, German choreographers working out the techniques of dance, jazz dance, contemporary dance. She made up her personal style called NovLyricallDance based on techniques principals including release, working with weight, balance, core and feeling of movements.The main ideas of the above mentioned style are dance lyrism, thinking body and a dive into romanticism.
Сurrently Natalia is an artist at BIONICA plastique performances.
As a jazz dance tutor Natalia prepared artists to casting to the musical ‘Singing in the rain’ by Stage Entertainment company.
Performed at the musical Producers in the theatre Et Cetera; in the Nikitsky Gate Theatre.
Worked with Zapashny Brothers.
She choreographed the project Lexus NX Show Three Sisters, worked as a director of choreographic episodes in the show Hackers of Dreams FEDY&HAIK within the Fashion Week.
Widely directed show programs for Russian celebrities. Has an experience in working with choreography during filming of videos for Bi-2, Yaroslav Stahovsky, Hanna and other artists.

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