Mineral water

The main thing is to find your personal one. Mineral water quenches thirst and goes with any food. However few people know that mineral water has an effect on the human body. This influence may be either beneficial or negative depending on amount of water.

Mineral water is extracted from underground sources that is why pure water containe trace elements. The content of micronutrients depends on the composition of the soil, the depth of the well and other factors. In general water contains chlorine, sodium, magnesium, calcium, sulfate, hydrogen. If the proportion of chlorine is predominant we obtain chloride water if proportion of sulfate- we get sulfate water, when sodium -respectively bicarbonate. All of these substances are important for the proper functioning of the body as a whole, but different people need different types of water and its quantities.

How to choose mineral water? Naturally when choosing water you should pay attention to the content of trace elements. In case of digestive system disease experts advise taking chloride water.

If you have problems with urinary organs – drink more hydrocarbon-ate water.  For the normalization of the liver and gall bladder drink sulfate water.

Water can be divided into four groups by its chemical components: bicarbonate (alkaline), chloride (chlorine compounds with sodium, calcium), sulfate (sulfur, calcium, magnesium, sodium) and mixed (eg, hydro-chloride). They differ in taste: chloride with salt, sulfate with bitterness and bicarbonate with baking soda taste. At bottling process the water is gassed in order to prevent air entrapment, contact with which causes loss of the therapeutic properties of mineral water.

The water can be of different mineralization ( an amount of substance per liter): 1 g / L – table water (drinking); 1-10 g / l – medical-dining room (has a therapeutic effect); 10-35 g / l – medical (better to drink on prescription).

Table water contains small amount of minerals, it can be drunk almost by everybody on a daily basis. Table mineral water is allowed to give children in the absence of contraindications. But curative water can be used only under the supervision of a specialist in the treatment of certain diseases and in strictly limited quantities. People often make a mistake of choosing a mineral water for its cost or brand. When choosing it pay attention to the minerals it contains and their quantity. Manufacturers of mineral water always indicates mineral content, location and depth of production wells on the label. The main indications and contraindications are often listed on the labels of mineral water.

Who should not be treated be mineral water?
In case of any disease of the internal organs in the acute stage (temperature, severe pain, vomiting, bleeding, etc.), mineral water is better not to use. As well as children and adolescents should not drink sulfate water as it inhibits the absorption of calcium. Doctors do not recommend kids up to 3 years old take it.

Even if a particular mineral water is contraindicated to someone one cup will never do harm.

Anyway drinking “inappropriate” water regularly is prohibited.Mineral water is also divided by its gassing into highly carbonated, slightly still and sparkling. Anyway drinking “inappropriate” water regularly is prohibited.

Mineral water is also divided by its gassing into highly carbonated, slightly still and sparkling. Children and people with digestive diseases soda drinking is prohibited as it irritates the mucous membranes. Adult healthy people can drink carbonated water.

Of course a place of extraction of water is important. Try to choose the water produced in environmentally friendly areas, such as in the mountains, sparsely populated areas, far from the big cities. Undoubtedly underground water is cleared up from most contaminants, but only ecologically clean regions preserve water to be ultimately clear and useful for the health.

Take your time to read the recommendations on the use of mineral water. In some cases such as liver disease water should be heated to a certain temperature. In other cases the water on the contrary is advised to be cooled down. In case of kidney stones, diabetes, cholecystitis, hepatitis and many other diseases of water should be drunk on an empty stomach in the morning, and during the day for forty to fifty minutes before eating or two hours after a meal.
When you select appropriate mineral water and follow all recommendations it effects miraculously on your body. It normalizes the secretion of gastric juice, metabolism, blood pressure, kidneys and liver are cleaned, relieves inflammation. Regular consumption of mineral water will allow you to maintain the body’s defenses at a high level, which means that you will be healthy, vigorous and cheerful.