Ilya Samurai

Ilya Samurai is a Hip Hop tutor at The Dome Studio with over 10 years of teaching. Ilya is the proud owner of Best Russian Dancer Award 2005 according to MTV, the winner of Star Dancefloor 2 competition.
Ilya was continually filmed in commercials and videos of popular Russian singers such as Timati, Slivki&D.Joker, Knara, Slivki and Roma Kenga. He is constantly taking part in concerts and shows as a dancer and choreographer : 140 beats in a minute, Fabrica Zvyozd , Star Dancefloor, 3, Molodtsi, Alice’s dreams on MTV channel.
Ilya hosts his own show Live and educating program about Hip Hop, currently he is a producer of Roma Kenga by Universal Music Russia.
He represents White Dogs Family as a leader.
He is an active participant and a judge at various workshops around Russia ( Saint-Petersburg, Vladikavkaz, Minsk)
Gradually upgrades his skills at workshops of foreign teachers such as Physs, Paul Freck, Meech, Joseph( France), Davin Pullins ( USA).
Currently he is widely known as Samuria being famous person of club and dance world.
He entered T-Killah project as MS Samurai in 2012
Ilya is a participant of BIG LOVE SHOW 2012 and EUROPA PLUSE LIVE 2012.