Daniil Pozdeev

Daniil Pozdeev is a Hip Hop Choreo dance tutor with 10 years of experience at The Dome Studio. Daniil is a dancer, choreographer currently is in top dance tutors in Russia worked in Model-357, New York Dance Studio and Upgrade Dance Community in Moscow.
He had been a participant of Stree Jazz show for 3.5 years, experimenting in Hip-Hop, House , Popping and B-boying.
He was a participant of World Championship 2006 ( Rotterdam, Holland) within a Russian team.
A winner of Russia: Respect Showcase 2014.
A bronze winner of Hip Hop International World Championship 2014 in LA.
A winner of Hip Hop International 2015, Moscow.
A winner of World of Dance Belgium 2015
Daniil keeps on taking part in trainings and workshops at Bam Martin, Jun Quemado, Brian Puspos, Ian Eastwood, Andrew Baterina, Lyle Beniga, Quick, Candace Brown, Gigi Torres, Keone Madrid, Vinh Nguyen, Meech Onomo, Physs, Marvin, Mr Wiggles, Jawn Ha, Yugson, Babson, Mamson, Buddha Stretch, Caleaf Sellers, Henry Link, David Moore and others.
Currently he is a tutor at Moscow State University, faculty of Arts, course «basics of modern choreography». A participant of Flyographers Dance Team, Kimberlite Dance Crew, Short Sleepers Dance Project и Upgrade Dance Community dance teams.