Kundalini Yoga

How to Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a mix of static and dynamic workouts, breath works, meditations and mantras.
This yoga allows to experience precise сconditions, touch your own universe, open new horizons for a contact with reality and yourself. You will get a charge of vivacity and good mood at the first lesson. Moreover Kundalini allows to monitor your feelings and thoughts. In the process of practice you will train your capability to watch your internal and external reality, be honest with yourself.
No special preparations for kundalini lessons needed.

Kundalini Yoga timetable

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Пн Вт Ср Чт Пт Сб Вс

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    Ekaterina Leskova

    Ekaterina Leskova Kundalini Yoga teacher at The Dome Studio. «I consider kundalini yoga to be an inexhaustible source of experiencing yourself and reality, as well as daily practice of awareness. This yoga is one of the shortest ways to transform and change your mind and body, moreover kundalini renews all systems of physical body providing […]

Kundalini Yoga instructors