How to Krump

Krump is an abbreviation for Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise , representing a street dance with its root in south areas of LA. Krump is a quick, sharp and aggressive style.
Krump is a quite unique dance style as all the motions are quick, fast with many jumps and physical contact with a dance partner. The word krump is usually used for describing powerful dance steps that sound like KRUMP!
Currently krump is decided into two styles Old school and New Style of krump.
Old School Krump is represented by free clothes, wide power and ground moves, expression, emotions , sessions, street battles and monotonous sounds.
New School Krump is represented by cloth caps, isolations, battles in the form of competitions, rump-choreo and electronic sounds.
Quick movements are easier to dance in free clothes. Sneakers for Krump should be softer than usual ones as the dance is characterized not only with specific movements of legs but for feet as well. Even soft boots are appropriate for the dance.

Krump videos