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Art kids Children’s creative team, which has been supporting the development of children aged 5 to 14 years. The program aims to revealing their talents and abilities.
The main tasks of teachers:
1.Bringing all information to children keeping their inner core.
2.Developing the training by feeding it in a playful way where children can learn information in comfortable environment.
3.Teaching children how to freely control the body and be able to improvise in dancing and singing.
4.Bringing the story of the emergence of various dance genres by visual-auditory method with the help of modern technology.
5.Motivating children to express themselves and to move towards the goals.
6. Instilling a love for creativity .
7. Overcoming a fear to a stage and mass attention.
An age bracket of our teachers does not exceed 35 years as children can easily find contact with the teachers and be on the same wavelength with them. Despite the young age our teachers are highly qualified professionals with working experience with children. The curriculum includes plastics, break-dance, hip-hop and singing classes. Duration of classes is one academic hour. The second academic hour is followed by a break where children have a light snack (provided by The Dome) while teachers communicate with parents. Then there are two more academic hours.
Why do we offer singing classes in addition to dancing?

Vocal lessons combines vocal exercises to develop breathing and voice. These exercises in conjunction with the movements in the form of a game open natural voice of the child thus avoiding inhibitions. They working out a technique of jazz singing, sketch, hip-hop and basics of beatbox. Thats why the voice is developing naturally and freely. Much attention is paid to the development of rhythm and improvisation which allow to continue expressing the child’s nature.
No old techniques. Only new western proven exercises which bring results. The skills to hear and ability to play music are a half the success in dancing.
At Plastique classes children explore themselves in a space and time by getting used to the different made-up images, living them on. This directly develop their acting skills and imagination. They also learn to express their thoughts in motion by playing associative games. They learn how to bind music and movement into one coherent whole. The lesson consists of a warming-up, creating a certain image (each lesson they create new image), then improvisation and stretching. The culmination of all classes is plastique etude for 10 minutes.
Hip-hop is selected to be one of the direction because it is a mixture of energy, enthusiasm and positivity. Hip Hop originates in New York. It is not difficult to get control over the dance. The main attributes here are groove, steps, movements of a body and feet. High hops changes to lower slide, accurate and sharp movements change into slow and wavelike ones. Low set body, relaxed knees and emotional message are all about Hip Hop.
The activity is the warming-up, learning basic movements, exercises to isolate the body, an introduction on how this culture originated, studying dance figure eights into two, the ability to improvise saving energy and keep the style.
Basiсs for Breakdance is acrobatics. Children will learn how to perform basic elements of this interesting dancing type. Breaking represents a dynamic dance including acrobatics, rotation, various racks. This is the case when the sport and dance are closely connected. Much attention is paid to dancer ’s style, that is particularly the movement of his body, personality and charisma. In addition it strengthens the body, develops physical shape, sense of rhythm, sound and brings a lot of positive.
Classes held every Sunday from 13:00 to 16:00. The cost for one class is 2000 rubles.
Learn more and register for classes, please call: 8968720 92 73
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